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Small Business Owner

Small Business Owner

When Jimmy decided to go into business for himself, he saw a huge amount of opportunity in calling the shots.  While talking to his trusted attorney about getting his business legally set up, he was overwhelmed with all the rules, paperwork, compliance and possible expenses that were on the horizon.  His attorney told Jimmy to give us a call so we could sit down and figure out what we could do to help make Jimmy’s business life far less stressful.

Sydney didn’t mind doing the daily bookkeeping, but often had questions on what account to post new vendors to or how to record a somewhat complicated transaction when they occurred.  By leveraging our client accounting specialists, Sydney did not have to waste hours hunting down the answer she needed.  Instead, she was able to get regular training and education on the bookkeeping process, making the books more accurate and her much more effective as an office manager.

As the business grew, Jimmy realized that additional capital or debt was needed to take the company to the next level.  We met with Jimmy to go over growth strategies, financing and processes to see what really made sense for him and the company.  Jimmy realized during that meeting that his initial plan would end up costing the company much more over the long run, even though it seemed more appealing at first.  Those savings were reinvested into the business, allowing it to grow even more.

Outside of regular accounting needs, there were strategic conversations throughout the year that involved more than just accounting.  Legal, financial planning, insurance and banking needs allowed us to serve as true advisors and members of Jimmy’s financial team, along with his attorneys, bankers, investment managers and retirement specialists.  Jimmy knew that we were there for him and that synergy between advisors only improved how efficient all of his advisors were.

  • Testimonial

    Jason has served as my CPA for the last two years and has been immensely helpful with the complexities of the state and federal tax laws. His knowledge is always up to date on any changes. He's timely and complete with my returns. Most importantly, he is incredibly pro-communication. He responds to emails and phone calls within the hour and is available the entire year to answer my tax questions, not just during tax season. 

    As an aside, I also work with Jason in a local charity organization. His leadership as president has helped grow the organization to heights not previously imagined.

    - Zack Wright, Staff Oncologist at Animal Diagnostic Clinic